I'm Matt, and I love to code and develop web-based applications.

Technologies that I work with regularly.

My Recent Activities

Form Builder - Learning Drag-and-Drop
Wednesday, June 15, 2022

I made a form builder!

It's a drag-and-drop form builder application and supports basic form elements. The grid style layout and snapping means it's easy to build a form that looks nice. Form elements use Bootstrap 4. All of the JavaScript for adding, removing, dragging, and dropping form elements is plain JavaScript, no jQuery here. 

I avoided using jQuery's draggable() method because I wanted to learn how drag-and-drop worked with plain JavaScript. I had a lot of fun building this little form builder application. Check out the application here or the source code here

About Me

My fascination with technology started while I was still a child when my father brought home our first PC. I was mainly interested in games and exploring the internet at the time. It was 1998; the PC was a Pentium 3 machine, and the internet was dial-up. The good old days!

As time passed, I became interested in how the computer worked. I wanted to learn about the different parts of the computer and how they work together. I wanted to know how things appeared on the screen and what allowed me to interact with them.

In my teenage years, the curiosity that I had as a child became a hobby. I would piece together computers from old machines my friends and family no longer wanted. I started teaching myself the Windows command line and HTML. I also discovered Linux and started running a home server on a PC that I pieced together. I always had fun experimenting and learning about technology.

As an adult, I wanted to turn my hobby into a career. In 2012 I enrolled in a 2-year general computer science course and decided to focus on coding and web development while attending. I've worked professionally with code since 2016, and I love what I do.

Check out my blog if you want to see some of the stuff I've built or what I've been up to lately.