Form Builder

How to use the form builder

Drag an element from the form element panel and drop it in the drag and drop area to get started.

Dashed Lines

The dashed lines will show you the different areas where you can place form elements. While hovering within one of the dashed squares, it will expand to indicate that you can drop the form element there.

Form Element Types

This form builder has the available elements separated into two types, information, and input. Information elements give the user information about the form. Input elements give the user a place to answer questions and generally submit information to the form. Whether the form element you drag and drop is of the information or input types, you will be prompted to label the form element or specify options for the form element.

Question Element

The question element will create a place on the form where you can drop input elements. The available input elements are text input boxes, dropdowns, checkboxes, radio buttons, date and time pickers, and a file attachment input.

Drag and Drop Form Elements Below
Form Elements



Text Block

Blank Space

New Question

A Checkbox
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A Dropdown
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